Meet The Haley Family

I never knew what the Ronald McDonald Charities was all about until my recent NICU stay at Women & Infants Hospital. I was there for 13 days due to severe pre-eclampsia at 34 weeks. It may not seem like long, but to us it was an eternity especially to my nine year old daughter who has extreme anxiety.

We cannot thank Ronald McDonald House enough for their generosity. Always a warm and friendly face, offered me a hot meal and snack bags and basically any assistance for anything I may need. My husband had to be home for work and the other two kids.

The doctors and nurses for my baby girl said our stay would have been much longer if I wasn’t by her side so much and living 45 minutes away and having a c-section this would not have been possible without the Ronald McDonald House. My family is so very grateful and will always hold you dear to our hearts.

Kelly, Savannah and Family

Haley Family