Meet Sebastian!

We heard about the amazing Ronald McDonald House and the awesome work that it does for families that are in desperate need of its services. However, we never in our wildest dreams thought we would ever be in need of their great care. But exactly one year ago on February 28th, all that changed and our son was born nine weeks early.

When a social worker at Women & Infants Hospital told us about the services at the Ronald McDonald House we immediately dismissed the information because we told her that is where the parents of sick children stay. However reality hit us very quickly when she gently told us that we were now the parents of a NICU patient, and he was going to be in the hospital for weeks, not days. We told her we would check it out and maybe stay for one night. When we went that afternoon to check it out and sign up for a night that weekend. A wonderful volunteer set us straight! She looked us in the eye and said room 301 was going to be our room as long as we needed it. We never saw that wonderful woman again but we will never forget her!

That comforting volunteer, and every other person we encountered during the next 35 days at the Ronald McDonald House were truly life savers! We will be forever grateful to the Ronald McDonald House and the amazing staff and volunteers who gave us comfort and support every day, when we needed it most!

We will never forget the people, support, and all the services Ronald McDonald House provided for us.

Family Sebastian