Meet Isabella

Our daughter Isabella passed out after a soccer game and was diagnosed with Congenital Heart Defect. We received a referral from our Cardiologist in Ohio to come to Boston Children’s Hospital.

We wondered, “Where will we stay? How will we afford it?” We looked for housing all over Boston. Everything was on a wait list for hospital housing, the hotels were very pricey ranging anywhere from $230-$400/night. Free housing was such a help. We will have to start paying hospital bills so this is important.

The Ronald McDonald House at Boston Harbor has been absolutely amazing, a perfect peaceful location by the water. We walked the Harbor walk, the pier and enjoyed the play place at the hospital next door. And, of course, we had Tasty Burger for the first time which was so good! The kindness and generosity is overwhelming. It’s such a relief to not have to stress about housing and finances. The staff and volunteers even brought food on certain days! Everyone was always helpful and communicated quickly when we had questions.

Boston Children’s Hospital is literally is one of the best. The nurses were amazing and were always helpful when Isabella had anxiety. The ICU Cardio team was just fabulous and were very helpful when we had questions.

We’d offer advice to other families: Don’t be afraid to chat with other families when you are up there in the waiting area. They have stories as well! It’s easy to feel alone but you aren’t. All of these families are going through tough times.

– Mesha & Todd, Isabella’s parents

Isabella RMH Boston Harbor
Isabella on the harbor