Khali’s Story…

In these times of uncertainty, one thing we can say with certainty is that there will continue to be families in need of our services…families like the Zabian family.

The accident took a split second. The result? Catastrophic.

It’s something you hear about. But you hope and pray it never happens to you and yours. Unfortunately, it did happen to 19-year old Khali Zabian in Great Barrington on August 7, 2019. In a flash, her life changed forever.

She suffered multiple broken bones. She lost the power of speech. The ability to remember. All movement. Then she slipped into a coma, and she’d need her mom Lisa like never before.

Mom Lisa remembers, “Khali was hit by a car, and suffered catastrophic brain injury.”

Imagine the panic. The pain. The uncertainty. The helplessness.  For a long time, food does not matter. Sleep does not matter. Clothes do not matter. The entire world does not matter. Only one thing matters – the life of your baby girl.

Finally, when you’re exhausted beyond all human endurance, you grab a hotel room near the hospital like Lisa did – just to stay sane. Then the news hit. Khali’s brain injury would require multiple surgeries. Her stay in the rehabilitation hospital would last at least four months.

In big cities like Boston and Providence, a room can cost $240 a night – and even more.

Lisa says, “Due to the length of our stay, it would have been a terrible financial burden.”

We were referred to Ronald McDonald House.  We were right across the street from my daughter. Having a quiet, beautiful place to rest your head after 15-hour days at the hospital meant everything to us. We will be forever grateful,” says Lisa.

A study of over 2,000 families confirms that staying close to the hospital means a better family experience. Better psychological well-being. And better perceptions of child recovery.

Khali is doing much better today! She still can’t move her left leg, but a special group of friends and volunteers made her home wheelchair accessible. Mom Lisa says, “Thank you so much! My words can never express what it meant to be so close to Khali. I will definitely be donating this year. What an amazing charity!”