Jackson & Lacey

What can I say, besides thank you? In December 2013 our son, Jackson was born 9 weeks early via emergency c-section. We were thrown into parenthood way sooner than expected and not in the fairytale setting we dreamed of. I quickly came to realize I was getting discharged and my baby wasn’t. I live in CT, I couldn’t be over an hour away from my fragile newborn baby. The social worker recommended we look into the Ronald McDonald House. I can remember the day like it was yesterday walking across the street to the RMH almost in denial, in tears and unable to fill out the paperwork. Right away I was greeted with a hug, tissues and a sense things would be okay. At the RMH is where I found the inner strength I didn’t know I had, time to reflect at night and get some rest all while giving me comfort I was right across the street from my baby.
Four years later our daughter, Lacey was born a month early by a planned c-section. She was born a healthy 7lb baby. Still living in CT and having a four year old on top of a new baby we quickly contacted the RMH to see if there was room for my husband and son to stay while I was in the hospital with the baby. They did. It gave me great comfort that my family was all together. Jackson still talks about staying at the “hotel” when his sister was born. Today he’s is almost 6 years old. While he has a couple setbacks from being premature, it doesn’t stop him from being a happy, strong, healthy determined big brother and kindergartener. Lacey is almost 2 years old. Happy, healthy and sassy. She runs the show. When I reflect on the birth of both my children the RMH is part of both their birth stories, and I thank God they were there to pick me up when I most needed it.

Jackson and Lacey