Garza Family

During her 16th week of pregnancy, Alicia Garza heard the news no mother wanted to hear. Alicia learned that her son would be born with his intestines outside the abdominal wall. Knowing their son would face surgery and a long healing process after birth, Alicia and her husband joyfully welcomed their baby boy, Jorge, into the world on October 3rd. When they moved into RMH Providence after Jorge’s birth, they had no idea it would be their home for three months.

Alicia was grateful for the proximity the House provided her family. She found comfort being steps away from her hospitalized son, living in the same house as other families experiencing a medical crisis or lengthy hospitalizations, and having constant interaction with friendly volunteers and staff members who always asked about Jorge’s condition. Alicia and her husband appreciated the homemade dinners, positive environment, and a place where it “felt good to have someone listen, and have people care.”

Alicia’s experience at the House culminated on Christmas Day:

“On Christmas Day I was trying to make the best of it with my family. …That Christmas night my husband and I went back to the Ronald McDonald House …come to find a box full of gifts. How heart touching …to have them think of us… At first I didn’t think they noticed us being there so long but after that Christmas night I knew they were thinking of us all along.”

Whether families are staying at RMH Providence for 1 night, every weekend, or three months, our Mission is the same. We help families spend additional time with their hospitalized child, ease financial burdens, and provide a sense of normalcy during a difficult time. We are happy that Jorge is now at home healthy with his family.

We are pleased to share that Jorge celebrated his 1st birthday and is “now a year old healthy, happy and full of life” according to his mother, Alicia.