Dudley Family

Before she even gave birth, Carissa Dudley knew that her son, Julian, would immediately need the world-class care provided by Women & Infants hospital in Providence. While giving birth at a specialized health-care center provided comfort, it was also created unknowns for Carissa. She lived an hour from Providence, and worried about bonding with her newborn baby and the financial burden of driving to and from the hospital each day.

“Like many families before me and many after me, the Ronald McDonald (House) helped me. Not only was it a place to sleep at night, many volunteers and even other families were great support systems”. For 37 days, Julian gained strength while Carissa built relationships with other parents, enjoyed home cooked meals, and most importantly, held and rocked her new bundle of joy.

Carissa is grateful for the care she received at the House while her son received the care he needed at the NICU: “the Ronald McDonald House is …like a load off your back in a tough time”. And if you are wondering how Julian is doing today, this picture says it all. He is home, happy, and sporting bow ties too.